Court Mandated

In most criminal cases that involve the abuse of drugs or alcohol, there is the possibility that the court will order a drug and alcohol evaluation from a licensed or certified clinician. If you are convicted of a DWI/DUI, the evaluation may, in fact be mandatory. Even if your DWI/DUI charge is reduced to a lesser charge such a reckless driving, reckless endangerment, or negligent driving, you may still be ordered to obtain a DWI/DUI evaluation. Once you have undergone the evaluation, the court will order you to follow the treatment recommendations. With this in mind, you should undergo an evaluation as earlier as possible. This will show the court and prosecutor that you are taking responsibility for your actions.

The Process

The treatment agency will need to have certain information about you before they can make their recommendation. They need a copy of your driving record, legal documents and medical records if applicable. You may also be required to undergo a drug and alcohol urinalysis screening. The drug screen results may become an important of your treatment and your aftercare plan.

Reviewing Court Documents