Drug Screening Report

DNA & Drug & Alcohol Testing & Collections

Random drug and alcohol testing is legal in a safety sensitive workplace. A drug and alcohol test is an effective way to monitor an employee, client or donor in question. JIW follows the mandatory regulations, policies and guidelines. JIW strives to achieve the following: minimize the intrusiveness of the drug testing process by using procedures that allow as much privacy and dignity as possible. JIW works closely with employers and provides ongoing education about the signs and symptoms of substance abuse. JIW will provide information about the drug and alcohol testing process and explain how the specimens are analyzed.

JIW employs a sophisticated technical system that closely monitors the testing process. Collections of all samples are confidential and handled with care. JIW will develop a plan for each client and explain the frequency of collections, the procedures for randomization and observation, the name of the laboratory where the testing is conducted and how the results are used by the program. Criminal justice referrals are managed according to mandated conditions that are set by the judicial system.