Divorce and Family Mediation

Mediation can be cost-effective to resolve marital and family law disputes.  It is also an alternative to resolve conflicts when relationships end.  It can promote an opportunity to reach an agreement that may make sense to you.  Mediation, is not, however, the answer for everyone couple or family.  

Some of the advantages of mediation include:

•    Mediation is less expensive than traditional litigation, making it economically feasible for most couples.

•    Mediation reduces the fears associated with divorce, legal separation and child custody issues.

•    Mediation does not require court appearances.

•    Mediation avoids the polarization and hostility that often result from court proceedings.

•    Parties are directly involved in the decision making process.

•    Mediation allows the parties to move at a mutually agreeable pace, usually taking a fraction of the time compared to court proceedings.

•    Mediation allows parties to establish a level of communication and cooperation.

•    It allows for the development of a parenting plan and to be in everyone’s best interest, especially the children.

•    Settlement discussions are private and confidential.  Mediation promotes a safe arena for individuals to consider options and alternatives, without the fear that their statements will be used against them in court or elsewhere.

•    The cost of going to court and pursuing an adversarial process is extremely expensive and burdensome to families financially and emotionally.

•    In a traditional adversarial process, the decision making process is dictated by the lawyers on each side and the Jude in the courtroom.  

•    In mediation, parties exercise control over their own lives because only they know what is best for themselves and their children.  Parties make decisions about their children’s future.

•    Mediation relies upon the mediator’s skill in maintaining a focused and non-threatening environment so the parties can focus more effectively on their children’s needs and their individual needs.

•    Mediation gives individuals the freedom and opportunity to communicate constructively and formulate respectful and creative solutions.  In an adversarial process, family relationships are frequently damaged and destroyed as a result of the animosity and tension.  Mediation fosters preservation of dignity and self-worth.  

•    The litigation process of going to court can take months if not years.  A case which is mediated can be completed in several hours or within weeks.

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